class str, dump_interval: Optional[int], spaces_config_dump_file: str, normalization_samples: int, shared_noise_table_size: int)

Baseclass of ES training master runners (serves as basis for dev and other runners).

abstract create_distributed_rollouts(env: Union[maze.core.env.structured_env.StructuredEnv, maze.core.env.structured_env_spaces_mixin.StructuredEnvSpacesMixin], shared_noise:, agent_instance_seed: int, n_eval_rollouts: int)

Abstract method, derived runners like ESDevRunner return an appropriate rollout generator.

  • env – The one and only environment.

  • shared_noise – Noise table to be shared by all workers.

  • agent_instance_seed – The agent seed to be used.

  • n_eval_rollouts – Number of evaluation rollouts.


A newly instantiated rollout generator.

setup(cfg: omegaconf.DictConfig)None

(overrides TrainingRunner)

Setup the training master node.

shared_noise_table_size: int

Number of float values in the deterministically generated pseudo-random table (250.000.000 x 32bit floats = 1GB)