class maze.core.env.serializable_env_mixin.SerializableEnvMixin

This interface provides a standard way of exposing environment components whose state should be serialized together with the environment state object when for example recording trajectory data.

Implement this interface if there are additional components in the env besides state that should be serialized.

abstract get_serializable_components() → Dict[str, Any]

Return all modules that should be serialized as part of the env besides state.

Important notes:
  • All returned modules should support serialization using pickle. For most objects, this is possible out-of-the-box without any special changes. However, there are some notable exceptions like event interfaces – if any of the modules (or their attributes) keeps reference to an abstract object like events interface, the __getstate__ method will need to be overriden to exclude these from pickling.


Dict in the format of { “serializable_module_name”: serializable_module }