class maze.core.rollout.parallel_rollout_runner.EpisodeRecorder

Keeps the statistics and event logs from the last episode so that it can then be shipped to the main process.

get_last_episode_data() → Tuple[Dict[maze.core.log_stats.log_stats.LogStatsKey, Union[int, float, numpy.ndarray, dict]], maze.core.log_events.episode_event_log.EpisodeEventLog]

Get the stats and event log from the last episode.


Tuple of (episode stats, event log)

receive(stat: Dict[maze.core.log_stats.log_stats.LogStatsKey, Union[int, float, numpy.ndarray, dict]])None

(overrides LogStatsConsumer)

Receive the statistics from the env and store them.

write(episode_event_log: maze.core.log_events.episode_event_log.EpisodeEventLog)None

(overrides LogEventsWriter)

Receive the event logs from the env and store them.