class maze.perception.models.custom_model_composer.CustomModelComposer(action_spaces_dict: Dict[Union[str, int], gym.spaces.Dict], observation_spaces_dict: Dict[Union[str, int], gym.spaces.Dict], agent_counts_dict: Dict[Union[str, int], int], distribution_mapper_config: Union[None, Mapping[str, Any], Any], policy: Union[None, Mapping[str, Any], Any], critic: Union[None, Mapping[str, Any], Any])

Composes models from explicit model definitions.

  • action_spaces_dict – Dict of sub-step id to action space.

  • observation_spaces_dict – Dict of sub-step id to observation space.

  • distribution_mapper_config – Distribution mapper configuration.

  • policy – Mapping of sub-step keys to models.

  • critic – Configuration for the critic composer.

classmethod check_model_config(model_config: Union[None, Mapping[str, Any], Any])None

Asserts the provided model config for consistency. :param model_config: The model config to check.

property critic

(overrides BaseModelComposer)

Return the critic networks.

property policy

(overrides BaseModelComposer)

Return the policy networks.