class maze.perception.models.critics.shared_state_action_critics_composer.SharedStateActionCriticComposer(observation_spaces_dict: Dict[Union[str, int], gym.spaces.Dict], action_spaces_dict: Dict[Union[str, int], gym.spaces.Dict], networks: Union[List[Union[None, Mapping[str, Any], Any]], Mapping[Union[str, Type], Union[None, Mapping[str, Any], Any]]])

One critic is shared across all sub-steps or actors (default to use for standard gym-style environments).

Instantiates a TorchSharedStateActionCritic.

  • observation_spaces_dict – Dict of sub-step id to observation space.

  • action_spaces_dict – Dict of sub-step id to action space.

  • networks – Critics networks as defined in the config (either list or dictionary of object params and type).

property critic

(overrides BaseStateActionCriticComposer)

implementation of