class maze.core.rollout.sequential_rollout_runner.SequentialRolloutRunner(n_episodes: int, max_episode_steps: int, deterministic: bool, record_trajectory: bool, record_event_logs: bool, render: bool)

Runs rollout in the local process. Useful for short rollouts or debugging.

Trajectory, event logs and stats are recorded into the working directory managed by hydra (provided that the relevant wrappers are present.)

  • n_episodes – Count of episodes to run

  • max_episode_steps – Count of steps to run in each episode (if environment returns done, the episode will be finished earlier though)

  • deterministic – Deterministic or stochastic action sampling.

  • record_trajectory – Whether to record trajectory data

  • record_event_logs – Whether to record event logs

run_with(env: Union[None, Mapping[str, Any], Any], wrappers: Union[List[Union[None, Mapping[str, Any], Any]], Mapping[Union[str, Type], Union[None, Mapping[str, Any], Any]]], agent: Union[None, Mapping[str, Any], Any])

(overrides RolloutRunner)

Run the rollout sequentially in the main process.


Called on episode end to update a simple progress indicator.