class maze.core.rollout.parallel_rollout_runner.ParallelRolloutWorker

Class encapsulating functionality performed in worker processes.

static run(env_config: omegaconf.DictConfig, wrapper_config: omegaconf.DictConfig, agent_config: omegaconf.DictConfig, deterministic: bool, max_episode_steps: int, record_trajectory: bool, input_directory: str, reporting_queue: multiprocessing.context.BaseContext.Queue, seeding_queue: multiprocessing.context.BaseContext.Queue)None

Build the environment and run the rollout for the specified number of episodes.

  • env_config – Hydra configuration of the environment to instantiate.

  • wrapper_config – Hydra configuration of environment wrappers.

  • agent_config – Hydra configuration of agent’s policies.

  • deterministic – Deterministic or stochastic action sampling.

  • max_episode_steps – Max number of steps per episode to perform (episode might end earlier if env returns done).

  • record_trajectory – Whether to record trajectory data.

  • input_directory – Directory to load the model from.

  • reporting_queue – Queue for passing the stats and event logs back to the main process after each episode.

  • seeding_queue – Queue for retrieving seeds.